Sex Work in Las Vegas

Sex Work in Las Vegas: Top Facts

Sex Work is a Well Paying Career

Studies conducted among sex workers in Sin City reveal that it is a sustainable career with lucrative economic benefits. In fact, there is tangible evidence from quite a number of sex workers indicating that they have bought cars, homes, paid school fees for themselves and their kids, and achieved quite a lot with the money they get from sex work. Some women say that they can make up to $10,000 and more in a week from sex work.

Sex Work is Consensual

While some people think that sex workers are forced to join the industry, many sex workers agree that they engage in sex work out of consent. To some, it is a means of achieving sexual fulfillment. Others say that sex work is a career that they have always dreamt of since childhood.

Sex Workers Undergo Frequent Screening for Infections

The State of Nevada Health Board requires that all sex workers undergo testing for sexually transmitted infections regularly and insist on safe sex practices with clients.

Based on these facts, it is clear that sex work in Las Vegas is a career for some people with greater benefits than some careers that are highly regarded in the society.

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